I really enjoy writing, and though I may not be the best writer. I love to write. I also love to read! 

I'm 19 years old and I'm a sophomore in College! I really hope you enjoy some of my stories that I may end up posting on here. =) I mostly do fan fiction, but you'll probably see one or two of my original work. :)

I enjoy the messages people send me, even if it is just people criticizing me, it helps me improve my writing skills!

Follow me on Twitter! Though I'm barely on it...


And you can email me on this email account if you want to know more about the characters or have questions or anything! =)



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On the side note with some randome stuff:
-I love Jesus with my whole heart!
-I Love Dogs, absolutely love them! But for some reason I have two cats? Weird right?
-I am currently in love with a boy that I can see spending the rest of my life with :)
-I hate metal. Sorry.
-My Favorite Book, currently - which changes constantly- The Perks of Being a Wallflower.
-I'm really bad at keeping my promises :/
-My dream and lifelong hope is too eat as much food as i could without getting fat... but sadly the technology has not been discovered yet.
-I have a fetish with Otters! They are so darn cute! :D <3
-I'd love to just be able to write for a living, but I'm majoring in Nursing when I head to college. But we'll see where God leads me (:

Peace Out :)
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    Hogwarts, Forever & Always :)
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10 Published Works

Featured work.

Clary Riddle and the Man with the Nefarious Eyes {A HP Next Generation Story}

Social data: 152K reads. 2.6K votes. 627 comments.

Description: Clarissa Rose Riddle Weasley, is just a slightly normal witch attending Hogwarts. Though no one besides the teachers and her closest friends knows she is related to the Dark Evil Lord that was once in control. She has kept it a secret, and a secret...


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I'll Remember Someday... Fred Weasley (Final Installment)

I'll Remember Someday... Fred Weasley (Final Installment)

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The third installment of the love story between Fred and Marley. Well their love has taken a turn for th...

The Crescent Moon and the Blazing Sun (Fred Weasley Sequel)

The Crescent Moon and the Blazing Sun (Fred Weasley Sequel)

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Marley is back! But this time she is trapped as a prisoner for her father, and she no longer is with her...

Can We Seriously Be a Family? (Fred Weasley FF)

Can We Seriously Be a Family? (Fred Weasley FF)

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Did you know that Voldemort had a daughter? Well he did, and her name is Marley Ann Riddle, she has a da...

The Great Adventure {HP Fan Fic} ~

The Great Adventure {HP Fan Fic} ~

7K 468 96

I was just a homely, normal every day, muggle girl with a cat and a bunch of books. I had a knack for pa...

Uploaded! This one is a little long, and I changed the cover of the book before I feel like this matched more of the feel of the story I'm going for! Enjoy beautifuls!