Hush, Howl (Complete and Editing)

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what are u 5?
                                    yeah 5 inches deep in your MOM!
                                    I luv that vine
Well of course we need they match like at least there the same color and high heels
                                    Not like ones red flat shoe and the otheres a gold heel
And some people take those clothing trends and turn them into something unique. Same idea.
Yeah, but I think later on she would be more mature. At least she's not a b-head. That will be hard to change
Through all I've seen so far, she sounds really spoilt. 
                                    Like I have a little sister, my baby cousins and her friends, etc, so I know when they're spoilt or not...
                                    She sounds really spoilt but not b¡Tchy...
                                    Still spoilt...
As I read the song.. I sang it.. I guess I'm not over it. cx