Born to be Cocky

~~Warning: Strong sexual content~~ Meet Jasmine Black, Jay for short. She is an alpha's daughter. She and many other teen wolves share a common problem: finding their mates. Solution: throw them all together and see what happens...or rather what doesn't happen. Certainly, not your usual werewolf love story. By the way, it DOES include GirlXGirl!
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Not to sound like an a**hole or a know-it-all . . . But didn't she say the flight only lasted ten minutes . . . ? Not two hours?
At first I thought this was going to be girlxgirl, which I'm happy it isn't. I fell in love with this chappy! :3
The main character and i have the same first name, and jay is one of my nicknames. O.o
I already like it but wondering where it's gonna go if she's already found her mate. Cant wait to find out :)
this story is the best upload soon.
-please keep a look out for our story high school drama which will be coming out soon. 
thank you
:O a werewolf story?! I love werewolf stories ;)@JynxBabe I'm rooting for ya ;) hope you get more votes ;)

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