Darkness Girl: Trickster God

Can a natural killer learn to be human again? Regan's unique talent for murder makes her a perfect assassin. After a lethal encounter leaves her broken body washed up on a beach, she finds herself adopted by a group of teenage bodyguards. She doesn't intend to stay for long, but soon Regan finds herself faced with a choice: become a hero or stay a villain? *** The boy played with the flat brim of the cap in his hands and looked around the room. He sat back in his chair, trying to look casual, but the heel of his hi-top sneaker drummed rapidly on the concrete floor. Regan sat opposite him with her legs crossed and her hands folded on her tartan skirt. She watched him without a word and brushed a strand of blue-dyed hair behind her ear. Somehow this seemed to unsettle him more. 'Calm down,' she said. 'It's just murder.' *** Author's Note: Darkness Girl: Trickster God is represented by Louise Fury from The Bent Agency. P.S. The epic cover was made by Paul Kopetko (you can stalk him at paulkopetko.com). Enjoy!
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Psh, that's nothing. I found a severed head! And get this, the blood didn't dry yet!
im BamBam's wife nice to meet you and here us WamWam ((I HAD TO DO IT! )) TROLLLLLOOOLLLOLOLOL naw im Jel nice to meet you
This book catches me with all this awesome stuff!! i love the way the narrator describes the action parts of the book! its awesome :D
Just a heads up, a katana is the long blade while the wakizashi is the short one. Together they form a pair, called a daisho.
Imagine if he was like 'well when you put it like that you can go ahead and go get him'
So awesome...man, I'm hooked. Should seriously be a movie, but I feel like the movie wouldn't compare to the book. Amazing

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