Betrothed to the wrong gentleman: Historical Fiction

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    Lady Madison Sanford dreams of a blissful life being married to a gentleman with a title, and settling down to a contented life, taking her place as a lady in the ton, providing her husband with many heirs.  She accepts an offer from, Lord Rankin, the Earl of Swain, but enter Mr. Chadwick Rochester who does not have a title, but plenty of masculine good looks, brooding eyes, and an arrogance that just does not bode well with the superior Lady Madison.  So why is it when she contemplates her blissful life, it is the face of Mr. Chadwick Rochester that her mind conjures as her betrothed...?
ohhhh my... do you know what i dreaded most? when i've read all your stories and all others on wattpad could not even be compared on how great your stories are. ooopppsss! redundancy. hehehe! your great! more books please!!!!!
I've read almost all of your books and honestly, if i could be more honest, theyr really really good. Im so excited to read this one and to say that im expecting that this will be a good piece too is an understatement. Because your pieces are way better than good. 
I never eally into reading historical fiction but I wanted to try. I think the story is amazing and the author is really a good person.
Great story great job on all the details n did know Wat to think of this story till I have read it I love the how everything played out in the story great job again
hi! i really fell in love with this story. can't think of new adjectives to describe how amazing you are. thanks a lot! (eye bags again, shoot!)
                                    i've got your stores already downloaded on my phone.
                                    and im so excited to read them all.
Soooooo why arent you slipping this story into the Watty awards for historical-fiction again? I think you should. It was a great story it got me into reading historical fictions. I actually used to think nothing of them until i read this one and now im hooked on the genre ^_^ ADD ADD ADD!