Diary of a Mindless GUY

Cameron is in love with a popular boy-band, Mindless Behavior. It's all normal, right? The only thing that makes Cameron different that he's a guy, unlike Mindless Behavior's usual fans. When Cameron exposes his secret, everyone labels him as 'gay' or 'girly'; But that doesn't stop Cameron from fan-girling over the boys. When rumors become too much, will Cameron continue to have the same love for Mindless Behavior or give up on them?
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I think the part about band aid was sweet... Whatever makes Cameron happy is his bidness
and I like Cameron, he seems cool I guess
If you like Kanye west that doesn't make so what makes you think liking mindless behavior makes you gay? Are you serious peoples logic are just wow!
The part where they call hi, gay and stuff is bullying and all types of illegal stuff so yeah, that parts not funny. But lol he likes mindless behavior!
O___O a guy liking MB......*bursts out laughing* HAAAA HA HA I GOTTA READ THIS!!
This is awesome! I love the concept it is so different. Amazing execution as well!!
AHH I See Your Brain Came Up With Another Amazing Story I Swear You never Disappoint (:

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