Bad Boy Love

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the_masked_writer_4 By the_masked_writer_4 Updated 5 months ago
"I need you," he whispered from the passenger seat. Why would I trust a bad boy? But I felt, for some reason, that I needed him to. I turned to look at him, but he was already leaning in to kiss me.  "I need you too," I said as my eyes fluttered closed. Why is love so complicated?    Maya Reeds is a 17 year old, beautiful, smart, and independent girl. She thinks boys are horny b*stards because  her dad walked out on her before she was even born. But then, she goes to live with her mom's best friend, Carrie, while her mom goes on a three month buisness trip in China. Only, is this business trip what it seems to be? She thinks she will only be with Carrie, but then she meets her son. Turns out her son is the town known bad boy named Jake Groom.   So what happens when they get together? Read and find out for yourself.
Did anybody else look at who started this whole thing?
itspandabear itspandabear 5 days ago
I'm just thinking it's like bubble gum bitch by marina and the diamonds
Rain_Bennet Rain_Bennet 8 days ago
any woman deserves a man who treats her like a queen. anyone else doesnt deserve her
alicia_woolard alicia_woolard 9 days ago
My family make me go to the airport like 5hrs before the flight-.- upside is I get to eat fast food for each meal
larrystylinsonA1 larrystylinsonA1 10 days ago
I always get to the airport at least an hour before my flight
-gomezatic -gomezatic 12 days ago
If my best friend did this to me i will stab her in the eyes. I love my bff!! Lmao