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[ Trailer Inside ] Rose Evan’s is the daughter of the U.S. top company’s man. What happens when her father and his enemy arrange a marriage between Xavier (the enemy’s son) and Rose? Rose goes crazy, especially when she realizes that Xavier is a pervert and a prick. But what happens when they start to fall for another? Will he break her heart? After all, Xavier is one hell of a hunk. I glared at him from across the table. “Beware Xavier, I’m going to give you hell!”
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lol, wake up next to some random person, ih just another normal day!?!?! lalalal
Oh wow the vid trailer really did it for me. I'm looking forward on reading some good stuff. Ohh haha I just love arrange marriage plots!
Nice trailer but doesnt that pretty much tell u about evrything thats goingvto happen
wow! that was great you really my mode on for the remaining story, i guess i can't wait
OoOoh, This is intresting. Interesting? What am I saying it was amgnificent. Fabulous first chapter.. You sure got my vote
Aaah, I would react like her, but maybe I'd get a little bit more angrier 'cause I over react :D Anyways this is good :)

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