Mate or Mates? (Watty Awards 2011)

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Ana is a shy girl with only one friend and is a no one with a colourful language and not in the way you think! Like every other girl, she has a crush on one of the schools popular boys, Scott, who is your typical highschool flirt. When they touch eveything changes. Scott takes an interest in Ana and says she is his mate and Ana's life is turned around. Lots of secrets are reviled that she thought could never be true in real life, hearts are broken and maybe there is a little bit of wolfing in between. A Romance book on letting go, trusting people and letting the best dog win!
@Alive_But_Not sadly I'm in America,  high school actually, and I have maths twice a day.... sucks -_-
When I was in year 7 I had science three times in a day (2 hours and 15 mins) every Monday!
My name!!!! But you spelt it wrong!! My name two "n" 's not one!!!!!!!
I have to say I am an ANNA and I feel your character when she says its ANA not ANNA. I always feel like knocking heads
For being 13 when writing this story and it being your first you have a very good start to it.  I didn't see any spelling errors or misuse of words, it read smoothly and I look forward to reading more of this story!!!
My friends name is Ana Garcia and she is a junior now! But she's gonna be a senior next year.