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The Last Dance


Okay, yes, I know the 'cliffhanger' was painfully obvious, but in fact it had another purpose... to distract you from thinking about what her reaction would be hehe. Unless you did think that far ahead, in which case kudos =)

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I smiled sweetly while leaning in close to him and had the satisfaction of seeing his face turn an even darker shade of red. He'd given up trying to hide it and met my eyes with a resigned look on his face.

"Now will you tell me?"

He looked down at me cautiously and I felt his grip tighten on my waist.

"Fine, but don't overreact"

I scoffed at him, please, why would I overreact?

"He said.. um.. that uh.."

His nervousness was back and he couldn't look me in the eye anymore. His face got, if possible, even more red, and he took a deep breath before looking at me again.

"He said..."



Chapter 19 - Babysitting?





It came out in a rush but I still caught it all. Rory thought we were a great match. Me and John. John and me.


He was regarding me cautiously, like a volcano that might erupt at any moment.

Really, I wasn't nearly as volatile as he was, how ironic. He was probably surprised that I hadn't immediately pulled away, and truth be told, I didn't understand why I was so calm either. Perhaps it hadn't really sunk in yet.

Me and John?

I felt laughter bubbling up and let out a small giggle.

John and me?

I laughed some more, and now John was looking at me as if I'd snapped, but I noticed that neither of us had let go yet. As laugher continued to spurt out I was the first to break our stance to clutch my stomach. John started running his hands through his hair, probably wondering what to do.

"You and me? That's absurd, we can't go five minutes without wanting to rip each other's throats out."

My laughter stopped as fast as it came when I looked up to see his reaction and was surprised to see that it was confused. Did he really think...?

No, there was just no way.

"I mean, you can't possibly think he's right?"

I felt an edge of hysteria to my query. Sure, we were getting along now, but it was different out here so isolated from real life. We'd never last. Not to mention I didn't want to be with anyone, much less someone who's been my enemy for most of my life ...right? And we'd only barely figured out how to be friends, anything more would be ridiculous.

His lips pulled up into a teasing smile, but it didn't quite seem to reach his eyes.

"Of course not, us? It's completely absurd."

He chuckled and leaned in to whisper conspiratorially, "And don't go telling anyone, but I believe we've gone a few hours now without any untoward violence, and I can assure you I haven't felt the desire to do you any bodily damage."

I scoffed. "Speak for yourself I've been sorely tempted to run you through with a sword since we left the settlement."

I walked forward and heard his chuckle behind me; relief filled me again that it was sincere. I probably just imaged that slight catch in his tone, I thought, as he fell in step with me.

Yes, that was definitely it; I pushed any nagging doubts out of my mind. It was only a matter of time anyway and we would be back to our usual antics. Well, I hoped not quite back to usual, but we wouldn't remain this friendly for long. Oddly, the thought made me feel a little sad. I shook it off and continued forward, there was no use getting upset over it now.

We walked through a set of trees and stumbled out of the forest abruptly with Newberry spread before us. We were just outside the city limits and looked down upon the small town below us. The sight was refreshing after all those days among the same trees and constant scenery.

"Well, it seems we passed our time together rather efficiently" John remarked.

I nodded my agreement and strode excitedly forward, holding out an arm when John moved to follow.

He cocked an eyebrow. "You're supposed to be at the castle, remember?"

"Oh... you're not going to leave me alone here all night are you?" He asked hesitantly.

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The Last Dance (19)


Leelee Sobieskias Celia
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