Being a vampire's slave isn't all its cut out to be (Vampire Romance)

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Megan By angelofsage14 Updated 5 months ago
Jasmine is a depressed stubborn slave girl who started hating her life the minute the love of her life left her. The day he broke up with her she got kidnapped and sold into slavery. After a few years in slavery she gets sold to the most cruellest vampire she's ever been sold to.He beats her and hurts her trying to bend her to his will. Blake Rider. He's a cold-hearted, cruel vampire who hates humans. Will Jasmine be able to change his heart? Will these two eventually find love? Or will they both fight it every step of the way?
This book is amazing I think that the author should do a part two and by the way Ethan that dated jasmine, he is a BITCH
Um....if I was her when Ethan broke up with me I would've grabbed and beer bottle a break it on his head
He's cheating on you with your bestfriend or the schools slut or your enemy
@kawaiiberries I agree! because he texted her best friend then her that's a little strange >_<
why'd u leave the club at night dummy you deserve what u got for being dum
love it love it love it I've read like ten vampire books already and ur in the top five