The Other Potter Book Two

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Lucy Ellen Fox By Lucy Ellen Fox Completed
Willow goes back to Hogwarts for her second year with an overwhelming need to figure out her past. Will her questions be answered or will she be thrown out onto the turf? Follow Willow through another year of mystery. Maybe she will find something in a completely unexpected place.
Cover by Mijacaja! xx
Hmmmm I think I'm the only non vegetarian person in the world who hates bacon. I don't think the smell is too bad though.
Alrighty, first paragraph and I already don't know what some words mean, Moving on to paragraph 2 :>
Oh my potato. I though that said "carrying the ROMANTIC smell of bacon" xD
Yes, she's just dandy bleeding her guts out, what could possibly be wrong.
ummmmm, dafuq????
like, what if those were your last words, like seriously, wtf.
This is my fifth time reading this series and I still love it!