The Other Potter Book Two

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Lucy Ellen Fox By secret_ninja Completed
Willow goes back to Hogwarts for her second year with an overwhelming need to figure out her past. Will her questions be answered or will she be thrown out onto the turf? Follow Willow through another year of mystery. Maybe she will find something in a completely unexpected place.
Cover by Mijacaja! xx
I want those shoes! I have combat boots that are wicked cuz they make me taller but those seem awesome -_-
Hazza... Shezza... Sherlock. Harry Potter is Sherlock. Potterlock is a reality!
I have a theory that Willow's 11 and Dumbledore decided she should go to Hogwarts an year later. Soo she could be 11, not 12.
Because you are. I have a theory, I never reads the books until now
I'm on my third time through, I may understand I DO UNDERSTAND SCORE! THE LLAMAS WIN THE GAMEEEE
She is. (XD sorry people but sometimes I can't help but spoil.)