The Other Potter Book Two

Willow goes back to Hogwarts for her second year with an overwhelming need to figure out her past. Will her questions be answered or will she be thrown out onto the turf? Follow Willow through another year of mystery. Maybe she will find something in a completely unexpected place. Cover by Mijacaja! xx
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didn't I already answer this? YOU ARE IN NARNIA? That was Steve the llama shape shifter. everyone knows bumblebee, because you are confuzeled.
Narnia, the alpacas kidnapped you, you got stabbed and kidnapped, 42, because the llama Gods made it. Does that answer your questions?
lol I love how she stops eating but remus is like idgaf and keeps eating the cake meant for her
ummmmm, dafuq????
like, what if those were your last words, like seriously, wtf.
.... my brother's doing kareoke behind me... and i don't think call me maybe fits this chapter very well
she got stabbed? you made her get stabbed? I looked up to you!!? whyyyy?
oh well next chapter

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