Crazy Sexy Cool : Big Bad Mafia Boy Series 1

As the car headed towards them at full speed, he pulled out his gun much to her horror. Why and how did the man she was to wed in a couple of weeks, possess a gun? He took aim and fired, the bullet piercing the driver’s forehead, smack in the centre. One single perfect shot and the man was dead. “What’s going on, Dean?” She asked him and he replied, “Business. You’ve nothing to worry about. You are safe with me.” Deadly secrets and heart – breaking lies. Without a doubt, the goody two – shoes heiress, knew he was keeping deceitful skeletons in the closet. When he fired a bullet through a man’s forehead with perfect precision, Elena Cruz was certain that the reckless bad boy had grown into someone far worse than the boy she had once known. Sexy and arrogant, the grandson of a powerful Mafia family, Dean Bishop wanted nothing else but her, even if she was a snooty spoilt princess. Having taken over her family’s business with a sealed contract which included a marriage between the two, Dean knew he had Elena exactly where he wanted her. When the attack was made on them both, Dean knew there was a mole amongst his Crew of soldiers and Elena would easily be a target. But she was safe because she was by his side and he would protect her. In a sudden turn of events, Elena found the courage within her to make a run for it, to be free of Dean once and for all. Filled with blind fury, he pursued, determined to find her at all costs. The problem was, the traitor in their midst was also after her. Would Dean and Elena ever realise that they belong together, before the traitor gets to one of them as death lingers dangerously near?
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Yay! Thank you for the dedication. A newly edited version ... I'll have to give it a read soon :)
Can you stop dean from sleeping around I fell soooo sad for elana!!!!! If he loves her he won't do it any more!!!!!
Y is he sleeping with other women when elena is there? Cany u giv him som self resepct?
This new version looks very promising, not that the old one wasn't, but the changes made are great; can't wait till the remaining chapters are up.
did you delete the old version? i agree that this seems good as well but i loved the old one :/
Why can't dean stop sleeping with other woman if he loves elana I hate that about him!!!!!!

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