All Your Fates

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The Karada By The Karada Completed
After being rebuffed by the girl of his dreams, David Blunt seeks second, third and forth chances with Emma(s) in alternate realities through a rift in the walls of the multiverse.

They say in life there are no second chances. But what if you had blown it with the girl of your dreams? What would you do knowing that she was out there, in other realities, realities you hadn’t screwed up? That kind of thing could really mess you up... and it could make you do "some crazy."

Down-on-his-luck David Blunt is as loser as a loser you can get; recently kicked out of school and fired from his dead end job, David's been squatting in his flop-house apartment, avoiding his landlord and subsisting on stale fortune cookies and cheap street meat for weeks. But when David reads a fortune that predicts an epic future for him, he starts to think that his luck is about to change.

Emma Gossett is a spirited world traveller full of wanderlust, and never stays put in one place long enough to form any attachments. Her lovable and eccentric Gran insists this is because she was hidden from the Norns as a babe to keep them from naming Emma’s fate, a fable Emma puts little faith in. But when Emma meets David, her faith in reality is shaken to the core. Does this rambling cynical romantic hold the answer to the prevailing sense of déjà vu she’s been feeling lately? Or is it just something else, as her new and mysteriously sensual acquaintance Gabriel insists? Perhaps he holds the key to the mysterious sensations she has felt of living another life alongside her own.

All Your Fates is a multiverse mindwarp with supernatural elements that one reader commented: "This story is twisting into ways a pretzel couldn't even try!!"
Whoa, how do you go from fate to intestines bleeding to being friend-zoned to fortune cookies in less than five paragraphs?  I'm a little awed right now...
0-0 This is enough to strike fear into the heart of any father.
So in the first chapter the protagonist whines about the friend zone, praises himself for lame selfmade fortunes and commits larceny. He's intentionally detestable right?
So much for the fortune cookie. I expected the fortune cookie to come out yet it still made me laugh! Hahaha
My dad has told me about city rats, he told me they were like giant elephants. My mom had the pleasure of seeing one and thought it was a dog.
I love sliding doors and I absolutely understand what you mean. It is indeed an interesting concept!