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Oh Hai! Thanks for visiting our page. The Karada is a very special project created by three friends (Jim,Tom and Carrie with the help of some other amazing people) who love to work together so much so they are creating a rich storyworld with supernatural elements that is quite special and exciting.

All your Fates tells the story of David, who, after blowing his chances the girl of his dreams, seeks second, third and fourth chances with the various Emma(s) that he's found through a rift in the walls of the multiverse.


First there is Jim, who lives in LA. Jim Martin is an adorable creature who worked on a little show you might have heard of called Heroes, and is currently writing on epic show, Randy Cunningham: 9th Grade Ninja now on Disney XD.

Then there is Tom from Sweden. Some say Tom Liljeholm is a Viking due to his enormous stature, but I have yet to see him go Bezerker on anyone's ass. In fact, he is quiet soft-spoken and is the perfect partner for afternoon tea. He has worked on the International Emmy winning ground breaking show: The Truth about Marika, as well as produced the Alternate Reality Game for Conspiracy for Good.

Then there is me, Carrie. I like to call myself a combobulator extraordinaire, commonly known as a make-things-happenator. I hail from Canada-land, and am active in the Toronto web series community. I also write stuff.

The very talented artist whose work graces our profile and will be doing our cover work is Hugo Arias. You can check his website out at: Eventually we'd like him to illustrate the graphic novel. We hope to soon announce several guest writers who will contribute chapters to the prequel and maybe full storylines.  Stay tuned <3


All Your Fates

All Your Fates

78 parts / 169 pages, updated Jun 30, 2014PG-13Completed
After being rebuffed by the girl of his dreams, David Blunt seeks second, third and forth chances with Emma(s) in alternate realities through a rift in the walls of the mul... read more
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Originally we had developed this project as a TV show called The Karada and had some interest from some networks that didn't go farther than...
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Where are you based?
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Hahaha...thanks so much! The art work was done by Hugo Arias. You can see more of his work at
love [ On Hold ]

which parts are confusing and let me know if I can help tease things out in the edit to make it make more sense this was very much a raw draft;...
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ha! The Karada is a lot different from All Your Fates in a few ways: the world's aren't so distinct, but The Karada was supposed to be very very...
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