I Think I Love My Tutor (A Ray Ray Love Story)

Its BAD enough in HighSchool you have to deal with Aggravating Teachers, Your Grades & SchoolWork,Boys,Your Image, Family, and Puberty! Then you have all these crazy Hormones and you think every guy is “The One”! If you’ve been hurt so many times in the past what will will happen when you do meet “The One”? Will you be able to have a good relationship? Will you have alot of trust issues or will you be able to LOVE him back??? Read, Comment, Vote, and Become a Fan to Find Out More! <3 :))
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he sprug dawg she got him got him doin things he never do if he aint been he telllin u he do he do he dooooo he sprug LMAO im dumb ya  but gudd stry tho

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