Darkness Sheds into Light {Watty 2012}

The final book in the Ariana Ellis Trilogy. "True mates aren’t necessarily the right mates.” Jax says to her. Ariana has no memory of her past, all she wants to do is destroy hunters to avenge what they took from her, and ignore her deep past with everyone she left behind but she'll soon learn it won't be that easy. Full Summary inside. Book 3 following Book 2 As Hope and Promise Fade.
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ARIANA AND JAX! FTW. and omf. i LOVE how the books are all completed. o.o perfect. huhu. it makes me so happy to read the whole series without stopping. heh. :D
What are the names of the first two boos!! Someone help me please I cannot find them!!
Could you all take the time and check out my story? It's called A light in the Dark.. Thanks..
Thank you for the summary. Some authors just skip time between books and do not offer a bridge.  It definitely helps.
i dont want her with jax i chose fait i have been team marc from the beginning just hoping she would come to her senses

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