"Beauty and the Beast"

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Hannah Mae By bananabread Completed
OK so this is the classic story written my way. Adam is cursed and is is searching for a way to break the spell. Faith is looking for a place where she belongs. And naturally their paths intertwine and thier fates are bound together.
@promyseee he said he had lived 246 years or something close so surely he'd still be the same age when faith grows up...? I'm assuming the plot skips forward a bit so she's older...?
So Faith is a little girl?If she is,then how can she fall in love with the beast? @bananabread
The original Beauty and the Beast is such a beautiful story and I really think you did a fantastic job of retelling telling it in your own way :) I love it!
ok I love love love this story! I got interested in reading fanfics of this because I am in a production of it at my school. I squealed when I read the part about the enchantress! (because that's who I play!) keep writing!
I really LOVE this so far! Beauty and the Beast is my favorite Disney movie and I Love your spin on it! I'm gonna keep reading! 
This is the BEST b&b fan fic I've ever read (and trust me, I've looked at a few)!