Being A Bodyguard Of A Hollywood Jerk! [Needs Editing & Fixing]

Thank you CShepp for editing my describtion in Part I :D She's amazing! ^.^ Thank you oatsbear for the awesome cover! If you need a cover, go to her profile, like now! Chapter 1 cover was made by Watermelonsushie! She's also amazing at it! And the other covers were made by me :)
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@Freakx3 its an expression in afrikans(south african language) that shows ur happy its actualy ayoba but me being me decided to put the ness at the end.. So yah
I think the puppydog eyes got to me so i voted fanned en commented..on to da next chap
when writers chose stars for the main character its wrong but selena gomez is actually a good choice for cera when u thibk about it...on to the next chapter!!!
Incredible! My older brother thinks Selena is hot.

And thanks for reading my story!
@Purplemiley0 Thanks for telling me that! xD Now that I get it, I understand a bit more o.o

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