I'm a Sexay Gay and I Know It

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One_Day_Youll_See By One_Day_Youll_See Updated 2 years ago
He motioned to me and I came to him. Somehow he had this certain control over me and I loved it. He pressed is lips against mine; was this all wrong because we were stepbrothers after all? Oh what the heck, my name is Sunny and i love my brother Johnny
Deprivedtears Deprivedtears 2 years ago
Ha! Ha! "I love waffles" what a great way to end the first chapter, it was funny. Thanks for the laugh. :)
TornTom TornTom 2 years ago
This intro just grabbed me by the nut hairs. I might just read this.
CaitlynMarshall CaitlynMarshall 2 years ago
i listen to alesana too!!! they are my faveroute band along with black veiled brides, emilie autumn and, of course, nickleback.
georgiarosealicia georgiarosealicia 3 years ago
OMFG ! CArry on !! Finish it babe !!! XD it turns meh onnnnn x P