Abusing Me Won't Help ~ A Roc Royal Love Story

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Lyric :) By LyricLovesMB Updated 2 years ago
Trey and Nae's relationship started out PERFECT. Six months later, everything went downhill. Trey started to abuse her, and started to drink alot more. Nae feels that it's just a phase, although it's been going on for a year and a half. Will things get better? Will Trey learn that a woman is NOT a punching bag? Find out in 'Abusing Me Won't Help ~ A Roc Royal Love Story'.
WTF is wrong with him cheating on her like that ... He needs to stop and get real don't get a girlfriend if ur only gonna hurt her feelings and cheat!
Ooohhh!!I wish a nigga WOULD put his hands on me doe!Rocs a but hole in this story but thats maah bew doe!And lmfaoo ..kill the nigga!
Lol this is good.I wish a nigga WOULD put they hands on me tho it gone be world war three up in this bishh lol!
Trey is just an ass. I've been m.i.a. for a while. This story got deleted out of my library & since you don't frequently update it, I couldn't find it.
:o Oh shiiiiiittt......Roc's an ass! Boooiiii, he sould be arrested. -_- But no...he's ma boo. :P
It was good sistai guess im  gon have to hate  roc in the storiie