My Letters to God

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IamHera By IamHera Updated 2 years ago
"I started writing letters to God. I wonder if He's reading them right now."

Read Winter's letters to God. A dramatic letter type story that will surely melt your heart. :3
Peacelover1234 Peacelover1234 3 years ago
@IamHera Oh, no problem! I love giving compliments on peoples stories and your's are really good! They are written very fluently! :)
stuckinlondon_ stuckinlondon_ 3 years ago
This was really cute! I always enjoy a story that has letters in it! It was well written and it wasn't hard for me to understand! Awesome job!
Peacelover1234 Peacelover1234 3 years ago
I totally love your stories! It reminds me of my story. :D Keep up the good work!
JamelTWilkins JamelTWilkins 3 years ago
Aww. I have stories that I started in High School. Maybe I should upload. This was too cute. Considering the subject matter. Haha.
Notification Notification 3 years ago
Thanks for the dedication.
Loving the life changing facts. ;D
AkiOhAki AkiOhAki 3 years ago
Nice! I like it how the P.S. part lightened the mood. :) Voted! :D