Danse Macabre

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sarah_cruz94 By sarah_cruz94 Updated 4 months ago
"No matter one's station in life, the dance of death unites us all."

After Aria lost her mother by a Grimm it completely destroyed her. Now 16, she wants into her fathers business to kill all paranormal creatures that walk the earth. That all changes when she meets Alexander. Hes sarcastic, dark hearted, and the worst...he's a Grimm. Finding herself in deep water Aria does the unthinkable and makes a deal with a Grimm. Worse yet, she begins to have feelings for him. But a greater evil lurks and Aria will need the help of this Grimm to save her family and ultimately her soul.
NicholeYoungkin NicholeYoungkin 2 years ago
I've heard nothing but good things about your book looking forward!
iamBorn2Write16 iamBorn2Write16 2 years ago
I was drawn to this by the title, mainly because I have no clue what 'Danse Macabre' is.... I think im going to google it, (: Ha.
Anyway, I loved the discription, and Im in love with paranormal. I think I just found myself a new read, (: :D
Abbzygail Abbzygail 3 years ago
Wow that is an awesome idea... i love the first paragraph it was beautifully writen im very excited to read this

ysabek ysabek 3 years ago
this is plain out GORGEOUS. grammar wise not so much, but i love the idea. forbidden love and all that...anyway keep writing! voted! xx
SilentNiaAngel SilentNiaAngel 3 years ago
A thoughtful starting...... The first paragraph send me to fairy lad=) Great Job
AmethystJ AmethystJ 3 years ago
Wow. You are amazing, officially. This makes me want to read and never stop.