My Best Friend, Louis Tomlinson. (Needs Editing.)

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Meet Lily Standford, a normal, innocent girl from Doncaster. Well, life isn't so normal for you when your best friend is worldwide loved Louis Tomlinson. What happens when Lily gets stuck between unwanted guests, lies, regrets and a love triangle she is trying to get out of? When more than one person is in love with her? Who will she choose? 
What is life really like, being Louis Tomlinson's childhood bestfriend?..
cami0512 cami0512 5 months ago
lol I have to use a translator because I speak English .... It is very difficult, do not try this at home girls. I wrote good?....

don't laugh, please!!!!
LoveMe_Liam LoveMe_Liam a year ago
This is the best book ever i couldnt keep my eyes off of it! I cried and smiled through the whole thing. Could u make more of it?! I\'m in love the storys u make!!!
LineTribler LineTribler 2 years ago
so she is 19, and cheryl cole is her mom. She is 29. So she got Lily when she was ten?
Penguinz_ Penguinz_ 2 years ago
OMG luv this book so far only on chap 1. Though but sounds wood hey puppysrsocute like why the hate on miley!! Beffy Tomlinson luv it book it's rly gud
U got 2 be kidding me, Miley!!! Seriously, do u realize she smokes!!!! And look at her 2013 hair, i mean come on!!! She could have done it differently, and she said she hates Asians. Wats wrong about being Asian. It's our will, 
zaynahyousaf zaynahyousaf 2 years ago
i just started my first fanfic can you guys please read it its called my bully harry styles it will mean alot and can you tell me if i should carry it on thanks x