Behind Bars

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HeroesAngel By HeroesAngel Updated a year ago
“Looks like we're stuck together, sweetheart.” he said with a devilish wink.

	Crystal “Chris” Thomison has just been arrested. For murder. Now she finds herself in the back of a van with a few other convicts. On a deliver stop, she finds herself stuck in a relentless hurricane at Coast Side Male Detention Center. 

	Which is where she meets gang banger, Julius “Jay” Monroe. He's head of one of the most feared gangs- Black Devil. She's stuck rooming with him since every other cell was full. He's a player, but with a dark past. 

	Now the two of them are stuck together in a single cell. Not to mention the fact that Jay's rival gang is headed to come and kill him along with anyone who gets in their way. Let's just say, they aren't the type that's afraid to hit a female.
StunnerException StunnerException 2 years ago
Surprised ending! I thought it would be a girl being injured or something... Definitely not her parents but the rest of the story has its flow and is funny yet serious, how you do that, I have no idea but interesting!
baby_angellove123 baby_angellove123 3 years ago
ok... the ending was a bit of a surprise... i thought i would have been like a ex or somthing! LOl, anyways loved it! and that was too funny when she beat the crap out of the dude! XD and cant wait for the next chapiie! LOved it! Pwease update sooooN!!! <33
baby_angellove123 baby_angellove123 3 years ago
lol that was really funny and cute toward the end! and cant wait to read more!!! LOL loved it!!! <33