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Behind Bars


Chapter 2:









I was taken back to my cell after solitary was over. Cat calls were directed towards me. I just kept walking though, glaring at the floor. I didn't want to get sent to solitary twice in one day. I couldn't handle any more of it without going crazy.



Some convicts get out easily, pleading they were mentally insane after more then seven hours of solitary. Then again it is that maddening. You feel like the walls are coming in on you. It feels as if you don't have any fresh air. There is hardly any light. The only thing in there is you. And that is the most maddening thing of all.



“Back so soon, sweetheart?” Jay asks as I walk back into the cell. He had a cocky grin on his face, as if the thought of me being in solitary had amused him more then a little kid at the circus.



“Shut up.” I snapped at him. “I'm in no mood to deal with you being an ass hole.”



I went over to my cot and curled up. I wrapped my arms tightly around my legs. Calming down after being locked in such a small space was hard. It freaked me out beyond belief. It brought back horrible memories.



“Are you all right?” Jay asks, his grin suddenly disappearing.



“Just leave me alone.” I said, staring at my knees.



He reaches underneath his cot, pulling out something. He hands it to me. “Drink this.”



I take a sip of it, surprised to find it was some flavored vodka. “Where did you get this?” I ask, looking at him.



Jay shrugs. “I have connections.”



I take another sip. Then I freeze. “You didn't drug this, did you?”



He rolls his eyes. “I may be many things, but I wouldn't stoop that low.” For a moment he stares at me. “You can finish off the bottle. You look like you need it.”



In one chug, I finish it. “I did need it. I don't do well in small spaces.”



“Is that your first time in solitary?” he asks me.



“Sorta. At the other prison I was at, solitary was just a empty cell in the basement. It wasn't as bad as it is here.” I said.



“You're claustrophobic aren't you?” he asks me after studying me.



I nod slowly. “If you so much as breath a word about that to someone else I swear I'll kill you.”



He scoffs. “I'd like to see you try, sweetheart.”



And that was it. The nice Jay was gone and he was back to the cocky ass hole that I despise. I knew that the niceness wasn't going to last long. But it was nice while it had lasted.



“Name the time and place.” I said, crossing my arms over my chest. “After the fight this morning, I don't think you'll be much of an opponent.”



He shoots me a grin. “Psh like those little kitty moves you used could have harmed me. Besides, I had been going easy on you this morning.”



I scoffed. “Sure you were going easy on me. Whatever helps you sleep at night.”



“Thinking of you naked does.” he says, winking at me.



I roll my eyes, not even bothering to answer. He was just another cocky player who got himself locked up. Probably a little rich kid too, one who liked to do something stupid just so daddy would have to bail him out.










((Jay's Point of View))













If only she knew who she was dealing with. If Chris knew who she was dealing with, she wouldn't say half the shit she says. She'd watch her fucking mouth, and wouldn't look me in the eye- afraid of disrespecting me. Even though I should inform her of who exactly I am, I won't.

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Katie Cassidyas Crystal "Chris" Thomison
Jensen Acklesas Julius "Jay" Monroe

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