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My Wattpad Love

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Dedicated to Passionforwriting96 for wining the one-shot contest :) 



This is dedicated to all of you! I know you laughed, cried, yelled at your phone/computer, squealed, giggled, said profanities at some jerkish character while reading this. I am very glad you enjoy the story so much you actually develop emotions towards it!

I cannot express with words how much you guys mean to me. A writer is nothing without readers. Seriously, I love you all.



Arix :)



My Wattpad Love



Chapter 33



"Put these on," Evan stated as he threw some shorts at me. I scowled at him, unfolding the shorts in front of me. They were too big for me. Reluctantly, I put them on tightening the waistband so they wouldn't fall off. I kept scowling at my boyfriend who was now putting a t-shirt on. Apparently when I'd said 'Let's get a room' he heard it as 'Let's get you dressed' because when we got back to his room, he'd only tried to get me to dress properly.


However, I wasn't complaining. I was watching how his muscles flexed as he pulled the dark t-shirt down his body. How could he look so sexy doing something so simple as that? My mouth watered as I stared at the sexy V in his lower abdomen until the t-shirt covered it down. I mentally whimpered, wanting to stare at his sexy body all day. Jeez, I was turning into a pervert. But dear God, he was just so perfect. I couldn't believe he was mine. I giggled happily. Evan looked at me, cocking an eyebrow.

"What's so funny?" He asked, closing his drawers.

"Erm, nothing," I waved my hands in front of me, smiling nervously.

"Then why are you blushing?" He inquired, taking a step closer. I backed away cowardly.

"I'm not blushing," I lied, lowering my head. Evan approached to me. His tangy smell hit my nose and I struggled not to sniff on him. His hand held my chin, forcing me to look up at him. His deep dark eyes stared into my blue ones intensively making my heart falter. I couldn't describe the way he made feel anymore. I just felt... Complete. Like I didn't need anything more to be happy, just him. He leaned forwards, his lips were merely an inch from mine. I was struggling not to close the distance between us.

"You look sexy with my shirt on," he stated brushing his plump lips against mine.

"Really?" Wow, my voice was so husky already. Evan nodded before kissing me softly. I eagerly kissed him back, wrapping my arms around his neck. My entire body heated up quickly. I loved feeling him so close to me. Our lips moved in sync as he gripped my waist tightly. I was becoming breathless while the kiss was getting deeper and more passionate. I felt his tongue traced my lips, asking for entrance which I quickly granted. His tongue explored my mouth sending waves of hot pleasure through every part of my body. Evan lifted me so I could wrap my legs around his hips. Instantly, I felt something hard pressed against me. I moaned in his mouth. He grunted, cupping my ass with both hands. I didn't realize I was grinding against him until I felt something building up inside me. Evan carried me towards the bed. That should have alarmed me but I wasn't thinking straight. I landed on my back with him on top of me. Our lips were glued together as metal to a magnet. My breath was ragged and uneven, his wasn't any better. My hands seemed to have a mind of their own, because they started tugging on his t-shirt until they pulled it over his head. My fingers traced down his defined chest and stomach. I wanted to feel the warm skin against mine so bad. Evan seemed to read my mind because in a not-so subtle movement he took my shirt off, throwing it away. Our naked torsos made contact, causing both of us to moan loudly. I could feel my warm breasts pressing against his soft skin.

God, this feels so good.

He broke the kiss, leaning back to look right into my eyes. There was so much emotion and need in them. He looked further down to my now bare breast. I was breathing heavily as I watched how his eyes darken with lust. I bit my lower lip, caressing his face. He kissed me again with so much passion; I couldn't do anything but respond. I knew we had to stop, there was a voice yelling at me in the back of my head but God,  it felt too good to stop. His lips left mine to trail kisses down my jaw until he buried his face in my neck. He licked all the way down into the valley of my breasts. I was muffling moans as I arched up towards him. I didn't stop him when he began pulling down my shorts. I knew I couldn't stop him even when that was the rational thing to do.

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Chapter 33


Kaya Scodelarioas Julie Ann Jones
Jeremy Kaponeas Evan Woods
Alex Pettyferas Shane Mason
Emma Stoneas Laura Peterson
Logan Lermanas Jason Thomas
Sophie Marceauas Carla Jones
Lyndsy Fonsecaas Helen Woods
Blake Livelyas Melissa Collins
Kellan Lutzas Jordan Richards

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