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Prank Phone Call = Love?


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Prank Phone Call = Love? Chapter 48





~Sky's P.O.V~




"What do you mean you think we should be seeing other people?!" Brittany's ear-shattering screeches blasted through the hallway. 


People weren't really caring for what she did anymore. Especially when we all saw this coming.  One of the players on the football team, Jeremy, had started dating Brittany only a few days ago. 


Everyone knew his routine. Date a girl until he has sex with her and depending on how good or bad she is he would keep her around anywhere from a week more to a month more, but this was only a few days. 


"You know very well that I have no feelings for you. It was all physical. If it were based on your personality then I would have never spoken to you. You're so freaking annoying and frankly you suck in bed," He said and walked away from her. 


Brittany slammed her locker shut and stomped her feet on the ground. I've decided against feeling bad for her. She brings everything upon herself. 


"Stop looking at me!" she screamed before she locked eyes with me. I didn't even realize that Garrett, Ave, and I were looking. 


"You guys are looking at me like I'm a freak, but I bet none of you know that your favourite quarterback is a bigger freak!" she screamed. This got people's attention. I looked up at Garrett, confused of what she was talking about. He sent me a small smile before speaking up. 


"It would be pretty low to tell everyone something that doesn't affect them."


"Of course it affects them!  It ruins the football team!"


I could tell that this got Garrett really angry. 


"Me being Gay does not affect my abilities to be a good football player. No one but you even knew until now," he announced more than said. 


A few people looked shocked and a few girls looked like they lost hope, but no one looked disgusted. 


"Don't lie everyone. I know most of you are thinking what I am. You’re all disgusted and angry at this," she said. When people started to give her hard looks she realized that they were, in fact, not thinking like her. 


"That's it. I'm done with this crap!" She screamed before running out into the parking lot. I couldn't help but laugh a bit at how her plan backfired. 


People in the hallway had quieted down. Many looked pissed off at what Brittany had done and many looked worried. Most of the younger grades had made their way towards the classes that they had, but the seniors stayed.


"Are you ok Garrett?" I asked.  He sent me an iffy smile. 


"I don't know. It feels great that I let it out, but I'm still scared of what my team and coach are going to think of me. I have to tell my parents too," he said. Ave and I gave him a huge hug and told him that we would be there for him no matter what. 


"Are you girls mad at me for not telling you?" he asked us in a worried way. "Of course not! We didn't even notice," Ave said for the both of us. 


"Oh thank god. I was so worried. I should probably go talk to the guys now," he said. I smiled at him and nodded before giving him another hug. 


"Good luck! They're still going to love you!" I said before he went off towards his teammates. 








The last exams seemed easier than the winter ones. I'm not sure if it was just me studying like crazy or if they were just easier, but I am sure that I passed all of them. 


"We're finally done!" Ave screamed as soon as the bell rang. We started dancing around each other like lunatics before we spotted Garrett and some other guy that I haven't seen before walking towards us from his car. 

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