When your'e depressed (Important)

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While I was gone I got a request to do a

"When you're depressed scenario"

I never turn down a scenario no matter what it is

but since depression is something that I can't make funny

I wanted to do something special.


"____?" You looked up at Sally. "What are you doing?" She tilted her head at the sight of the bloody razor sitting next to you. You sat there curled up, hugging your knees. You didn't want to answer...what would a little eight year old think of you? How would it help anyone? How would you help anyone...? You won't....You can't....

"Nothing....nothing at all...." You kept your head down and tried to hide any soft noise from your crying but she still notices your body softly shaking. Luckily, she can tell when someone wants to be left alone and quietly stepped out, closing the door behind her.

She hummed a song as she skipped into the kitchen. She sat at the table with Charlie and all eyes landed on her when she still hadn't touched her food ten minutes into dinner.

"Sally? Is something troubling you?" Slenderman asked Sally.

"Well...." The room was silent. Even Jeff didn't interrupt. "___ was in her room... and she was doing something... odd." Dark let out a snicker and everyone turned to him.

"Perv..." Emma elbowed him in the side. Slenderman sighed and gestured for Sally to continue, drawing all attention back to her.

"She was....crying. I think..." Sally said hesitantly as Silver let out a sad sigh.

"Was there anything else...you know....odd?" E.J tilted his head slightly, concern filled his voice.

"W-well..." Sally looked dow in confusion and worry. "She had a bloody razor next to her..."

Gasps and 'oh my god's filled the room. A few had open mouths and Slenderman raised both of his 'eyebrows'.

BEN, Masky and Hoody were already walking out of the kitchen.

"Where do you think you're going?" L.J asked.

"To ____'s room." Rake replied, quickly getting up and following the other three.

"Everyone else go sit in the living room. I'll clean up real quick and we'll have a talk with ___." Emma announced.

Everyone nodded in agreement.


Reader's POV:

I was still curled up by my bed when I heard my door open slightly.

"___? You okay...?" I looked up to see BEN, Masky and Hoody at my door. I wanted to say yes but how would I pull that off? I lowered my head back to the ground and shook it slowly.

"No.....I'm n-not okay. I was never okay..."  I began crying heavily, using my hands to try and cover it up. I heard footsteps run up to my right before I felt more than one pair of arms wrap around me. There was a moment of silence but another pair of footsteps broke it.

"....I wanna join...." It was Rake's voice and before anyone could say anything, two more arms joined in the hug.

"We should go down to the living room..." Masky mumbled. I could almost feel Hoody nodding in agreement.

"Yeah...you kind of have some explaining to do..." BEN chimed in. I sighed as my stomach dropped but I nodded.