Creepypasta boyfriend scenarios

Noone seems to have done this... so I thought i would :D AND these ARE mine, they're just from my Quotev account, so no i am not stealing these and you cant take them either! ANYWAY! LETS BEGIN
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ummm * Hitachi him I. head and yells shut up perv butt go back to Zelda then lays back down goingbto sleep
The full saying is "Curiosity killed the cat, but satisfaction brought it back." lol I'm a nerd XP
YOU KILLED MAH BABY!!!*turns into demon Neko**demon voice*ITS TIME TO DIE!!!!!!HAHAHAHAHA!!*gets out AK-47*
NOPE!*smacks him with a mlp:FIM plushie*GO BACK TO WHERE THOU CAME!!*keeps whacking him*
YOU TRY TO STEP ON MY GAMEBOY AND THEN CALL ME BABE!?!?!?!*hugs gameboy*I NEED TO CALM MYSELF DOWN!!*listens to triple Baka and sing along*
OOO DRUGS I WANT THEM ALL HOW DID HE KNOW? *follows trail picking up all da pills*

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