Creepypasta boyfriend scenarios

Noone seems to have done this... so I thought i would :D AND these ARE mine, they're just from my Quotev account, so no i am not stealing these and you cant take them either! ANYWAY! LETS BEGIN
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Oh wow, I would soooo love to meet him irl and totally talk to him... *rolls eyes*
You killed Dog, man! You're not just gonna apologize AND I'M GUNNA FŪCKING FORGIVE YOU
No dog, you don't walk into a creepy house. What have I taught you dog, nothing?! Dog sit, Dog stay. NOTHING
I imagined him sitting with his feet on the counter, the way I imagine my house in this story. Like some bird. haha lol I actually did
excuse me? Step your @ss back a few steps cuz I think we need to reveiiwww somethin.
XDDDDDDDDD I love all these hilarious comments and how all the people have different reactions XP

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