He catches you fangirling

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"____ are you bi?"

You stood in shock, and pretty f***ing offended!

"Why the hell do you ask that?!"

He gestured to all the walls in your room.

"Well your room is covered with photos of a young girl

supposably called by Justine."

You facepalmed yourself. "That's Justin Bieber..."

"Well he's gay."


Slendy let out an overly dramatic gasp and walked out.

You eventually began to feel bad and went to apologize.

BEN Drowned

You had posters and every game, you were

always updated as soon as news was confirmed about a new game.

You thought he was insanely sexy at times and other timesjust absolutely ADORABLE.

BEN walked in and his jaw dropped when he saw you

playing the games and staring at his poster."LINK?! MY ENEMY?!"

You blushed at Link's name. "Yeah~"

BEN ripped off one of the posters and ran out the door screaming


You shrugged it off and returned to you Link poster.

The next morning you woke up and looked around at your sexy-VANDALIZED POSTERS.

All of them had been drawn on to make them look like they had glowing red eyes, some had a BEN

statue behind them and they all read "You shouldn't have done that..." at the bottom.

You yelled at BEN but he gave up and finally said sorry... and you made him clean your room.

Jeff the Killer

You were obsessing over a video of L from the anime Death Note.

Jeff walked in and started commenting on how he looked different but still pretty amazing in the video.

You listened to him rant on and on about how beautiful he was but just HAD

to stop him before he got to the part about his d**k!

"Jeff that's not you!" You said, holding back a laugh.

He kept denying that it wasn't him but after you gave him proof his white face

became red as a tomato.

"Y-yes it is!"

You fought back and forth about it until you pointed out the fact that L doesnt have a smile

cut into face.

Jeff left the room, just before slamming the door.

You just laughed and went back to watching Death Note.

Eyeless Jack

He walked in on you in the living room and saw you were

watching your favorite anime, Ouran High School Host Club.

You got frustrated as he kept ranting on and on about how he was way better