Hey everyone! Sorry for my lack of updates, my sophomore year of college started a few weeks ago and... well... let's just say I'm not having the greatest time. At this rate, the only time I think I'll be able to update is December/January. I know it seems so far away, but it seems like the only time I'll get anything out.
          	Thank you all for your patience and I hope you stick around even with my lack of activity! <3 
          	If you any of you have questions, comments, or even want just a quick chat, feel free to write on my profile, send me a PM, or shoot an ask or chat on my tumblr (under the same name as this)!


@writer168 Don't worry about your lack of activity. That's something that happens when you have your own life with all the responsabilities anyone has to take on. So have fun, and be happy, and in December/January I'm sure lots of us will come back (because seriously, once we've been hooked up on your stories we can't simply stop. So see you soon!


@writer168  good luck dear


@writer168 You can do this dear, take care!


Sending love to you. 
          Your books is very beautifully written and I love them so much. Ah and I want to ask, why do you write books of Sakura? 


@SakoAya For some odd reason I found Sakura one of the more interesting characters of the series. That, and there was so much unused potential she had that I felt she never got when Naruto ended. It happened to many, many characters too, but since she was so central to the series and never got what Sasuke and Naruto did, I wanted to change that. In my writing, at least.
            And thank you!! <3


lol its me again, geez it's been years since I started following you.
          I love all you're books and I honestly can't believe how much your writing has evolved over the years, it's really a testament to anyone who wants to improve their writing. You've inspired me to keep on writing and actually liking my English school subjects. Recently, I had to write a fanfiction of something Disney and I literally jumped the gun at the prospect of writing something fun. You've been a massive inspiration to my writing and creativity and honestly you're so amazing :))))
          also.... we SHOULD totaLLy have a Stumble One-shot of the PotATo Incident !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
          love always,


@ElementalDiversity It makes me so happy that you've been following all these years, thank you so much for your wonderful support <3!!! And I'm so glad you've found a love in writing as well, I wish you the best of luck and joy with it!!
            And potato incident? I don't know what you're talking about :D
            Thank you for stopping by and leaving such sweet words!! <3 <3 <3


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hi uhh i’m just passing by but uhh i think you had a story called “frozen fire” ? but i couldn’t find it on your profile, if you did create the story, uhh would you mind telling what happened to it? 


ohhhh okay! i’ll just wait for any upcoming books from you lmao! 


@vanillajeon87 Sorry, I made sure to take it down. It was one of those works I posted when I was in middle school, so I have no intentions on having it resurface.

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