Ok, I suck at these. Here I go...

Hey, Welcome to this. Im theskyis_black , call me sky!
I love almost eveything. I have three dogs and one cat, all who I love dearly.

I love writing, it helps me through life. It`s that one thing thats always (hopefuly) going to be there for me. I like how I can express myself in my writing. If you realywant to know how I feel read what I write. If Im sad, my stories are sad and vice versa.

I think, a lot ( even if somtimes it doesn`t seem that way).
+ I love stargazing
+One day I wanna travel the world
+ Love to read, messege me if you want me to check out your story :D
+My about me change's alot XD
+May be a tad bit crazy when given cookie.

Ask me anything, I don't care how weird, awkward or random it is. LOVE MEETING NEW PEOPLE. DO NOT BE SHY!!!!
“I have loved the stars too fondly to be fearful of the night.” -Galileo Galile

My tumblr : http://foreversummergirl.tumblr.com
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╚══`. ¸. Cookies

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theskyis_black theskyis_black Apr 25, 2012 04:37AM
@CookieMonsterCrumbs  yay! :D I love writing on paper first too
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Description: Just a collection of my lame poem :P


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