I have been missing for a long time! I've been busy running a publishing company called Inspiritus Press, and being highly active in the Toronto small press and poetry scene. 
          	But I'm dropping some quick good news: my first poetry chapbook has been published by the esteemed Toronto-based Anstruther Press and is available! It's a beautiful, minimalist, little limited edition book, which will become rare and out-of-print soon. Be sure to grab a copy!
          	Just $10 CAD via my publisher's site: http://www.anstrutherpress.com/new-products/kawatare-by-s-takatsu
          	Or a signed copy for an additional amount and shipping fees at: http://stakatsu.com/project/kawatare/
          	In this limited edition chapbook, Takatsu revisits his travels to Japan, primarily in 2012, as a musician, from the perspective of a writer now. A memoir of the past and lament of the present, it is weighed with concerns of our technologically and electromagnetically charged capitalist society, juxtaposed against the mystical and spiritually-imbued natural cosmos. Kawatare (彼は誰) is a poetic Japanese word for the time of twilight, dusk or dawn, when night and day merge, and one cannot recognize faces. This is also when the supernatural occurs — the worlds between here and there.


わあー。。。すごい!You have such an amazing and comprehensive vocabulary. So talented! I really like you as a writer :) You got me awestruck in every line of your stories and that's not an overstatement. I wish you more ideas to come, good luck, and may God bless you always! :)) お疲れ様でした。!


@AsakaMirai I'm not japanese though.


No se como, ni yo misma me entiendo, encontré tu historia. Pero te juro ¡te juro! Que la leí en español, no lo entiendo pero igual me encantan todas


Hello there Mr takatsu  
          Your works are very amazing Secondhand  memories is the best book I read in my whole life!!
          It would be very helpful if you guide me to buy your books .
          Thank You

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