Hey there. Im Duckie. How about you be my favorite Person and follow me on tumblr?
So like, Levi Ackerman Eh?
Also, if you'd like, please message me in private messaging! If you want to to talk to me I'm here!
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    i dunno would you stalk me if I told you?
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murderbear murderbear May 12, 2014 03:22AM
Ah yes, hello there my many followers. I think I need to clear some things up with you guys. First of all, in my book WAMSPAM a lot of people consider the things Rio said to be rude, well that is her...
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War against my Sexy Possessive Alpha Mate.

Social data: 3.7M reads. 41.6K votes. 4.4K comments.

Description: He's A jerk. She's a prankster. He's Hot. She 's sexy. He's an Alpha Male. She's an Alpha female. They are mates. But she won't give in and neither will he. So? They have a war. Get one to crack and admit they...


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Stubborn, Possessive, Mean, Sarcastic and All Mine. (Sequel to WAMSPAM)

Stubborn, Possessive, Mean, Sarcastic and All Mine. (Sequel to WAMSPAM)

117K 2K 239

Rizzo has just met her nightmare. He's mean, Sarcastic, Stubborn, Possessive, Does everything by himself...

Boy with the Georgia Smile

Boy with the Georgia Smile

1.1K 33 4

Short story of Sally and her true love goes off to war. He returns but she doesn't know who he is. Roman...

The SuperHero's Dog

The SuperHero's Dog

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Sam Flynn had always had troubles with a boy named Logan. He always maled fun of her. Always. And one da...

The Secret to all Men

The Secret to all Men

1.2K 49 12

I'm Nintey. Or Nintey three. And I know a secret that will blow your minds. And you know it too. You jus...


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