Hey everyone, I posted the first 2 chapters of the Bride Wore Size 12. I hope you enjoy reading them!


@megcabot OH-MY-STARS!!! I am following Meg Cabot on Wattpad!!! I love your Princess Diaries Series and Avalon High book!!!!!! Also your Allie Finkle series!!! I cannot believe I am following THE Meg Cabot!!!!!! I have read A TON of your book and I'm an aspiring author/editor because of some of your books {and others' books too :)}


:) Hello, Meg Cabot! AHHH! :D I'm from the Philippines and I'm a HUGE, HUGE fan of your PRINCESS DIARIES (which is, by the way, weird since I'm a boy). But yeah, all I like to say is....YEY! WATTPAD! WELCOME AND ENJOY YOUR STAY HERE! ^_^ Hope you go here in the Philippines to have a book signing, book launch or/and meet and greet! :D That's all! God Bless!


I followed a while ago and I can't believe you're on this website!


Hey guys! Finding a Mystery/Thriller/Action story? You don't need to worry now because I have something for you. 

          Just click the link above,  and you'll see. The story is amazing. I love reading it. The writer has a good writing skills. Don't miss the chance to know her. Thank you!


My gosh!! I can't believe you're on Wattpad! I love all your your books especially The Princess Diaries and Teen Idol ❤❤❤


Oh my goodness. I'm a young writer myself and I'm confused about what profession I would like to do when I'm older because they say that being an author does not pay alot and I give up on my stories most of the time but, learning about you just made me feel powerful. 10 years from now...


Thankyou so much creating Mia who gave me constant company. It's literally amazing how you've managed to touch my life while being a continent apart. I will always remember Princess Diaries as an integral part of my life. My friends still talk and tease me about Michael ❤️. Your books have been such a major part of my life and this attempt at writing a message doesn't even begin to cover the amount of appreciation I have for you.


Hii, I like the simplicity with which you write. I really liked your book Victoria and the Rogue which is not published here on Wattpad. I had my own copy since the last seven to eight years and I still read it for a fresh experience or whenever I feel a little off key.


I was screaming when I saw your name and thought maybe my eyes were playing games with me but they weren't. I've the princess dairies series and have fallen in love with it. You are such an amazing author  and I love your books.


Hey u r like my fav author of all time and i just wanted to ask u one thing were on earth can i find a Jesse De Silva for myself 
          Cuz i swear to god I'm in love with that guy 


"Hi," she waves, trying to keep her excitement down, rolling back and forth on the balls of her feet, "please don't think I'm weird. I almost screamed when I saw your name in the description of the app whilst waiting for it to be updated, and knew I just had to say hi so... hi!" 

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