I'm a Christian. For me Christianity isn't just a label it's a way of life. And by Christianity I don't mean a list of rules I'm supposed to keep I mean an actual relationship with God.

I love to sing and I LOVE TO READ! (duh, or I wouldn't be here)
I want to major in Psychology and a minor in Theology.

1. Name: Natalia
2. Nickname: Naty, Na, Nutella
3. Born: Brazil
4. Languages: Portuguese, English, Spanish, and a little Hindi
5. Hair Color: Brown
6. Eye Color: right eye is green and left eye is a grey-ish blue most days (in other words Heterochromia)
7. Tall or Short: short (5'2)
8: Pet Peeve: People who give Christians a bad name. Hypocrites, Judgmental people, Over the top Religious etc.

9. Food: Taco (but from Mexico and no Taco Bell) & BBQ (Brazilian)
10. Drink: Water
11. Bottoms: Jeans
12. Movies: Narnia, Taken, The Hunger Games, A Walk to Remember
13. Subject: English, & Chior
14. Fruit: Banana & mango
15. Color: Blue
16. Sport: Vollyball & soccer
17. Book on Wattpad: Forever Yours, Love is Blind
18. Band/Singer: Anthem Lights, The Fray, Switchfoot, Colton Dixon

Me as a writer:
I just started writing people so come on give me a break.
I love comments! I like knowing what I'm doing right and/or wrong.
I have a short attention span when it comes to writing so I lose interest in my books sometimes. So if you see me online tell me to write. I like knowing people love my books so much they can't wait for me to upload. I try being unpredictable with my stories

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That's all you need to now about me.
Any questions?
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jesus-freak jesus-freak Nov 17, 2013 06:34AM
I know I know! I'm a horrible person for being away from wattpad for so long but I promise that as soon as I get back from church tomorrow I'll work nonstop on Jesus Freak!
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Description: Not a cheesy romance novel, or an action packed story that will take you to another reality. Just my thought. Thoughts on life, God, growing up, and my experiences.


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