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          	Jen xo


Hey hey!
          So, I know I’ve been quiet on here for a while. 2017 was …. hectic. (It’s a longgggg story that includes five countries, one break up and multiple hospital visits!). 
          tl;dr: I’m okay. I’m living in NYC now. I have an amazing girlfriend <3 And I have a new book coming out in May and more in the works.
          Unfortunately, I don’t know when I’ll be uploading to Wattpad next. I know you’re all waiting for the next chapter of my Lea story, and I’m so so sorry :(
          BUT! If you want to stay updated with what I’m working on, I share sneak peeks at my writing, my new book, and illustrations over at my new Patreon page:

          I know many of you have been wondering where I am, so I wanted to send a quick message to say I’m okay, I’m working really hard, and I love you all.
          I hope to see you over on Patreon :)
          Jen xo


Ah! I’ve been searching for a physical copy Queens of Geek for a while now (it’s always taken out of the library when I check), and now I can finally read it! Thanks for publishing it here!