Hey! Ok, so I love writing but I’m looking for motivation so I'm hoping for some encouragement! I love reading too! So I don’t really know what to say so time for random trivia!
I love blue, green, and purple.
I’m a huge movie fan! I randomly quote some movie and usually don’t make sense. I also randomly burst into song. I kinda wish life was like a musical so people don’t look at me like the men in white coats need to come for me.

Hey I’d love to read anyone’s story so just tell me!

—–██—– Put this on
—–██—– your Wall
██████—if you’re not
—–██—– embarrassed
—–██—– to tell others
—–██—– that you
—–██—– believe in God ♥
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bananabread bananabread Jul 20, 2013 05:40AM
@Darke_Starr Hey thanks so much for your encouragement :) I'm rereading it and going to start working on it again. I need to get back to my stories, I miss them.
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"Beauty and the Beast"

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Description: OK so this is the classic story written my way. Adam is cursed and is is searching for a way to break the spell. Faith is looking for a place where she belongs. And naturally their paths intertwine and thier f...

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The Beast's Forgiveness (on hold till further notice!)

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Story Reading List

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