hello!♥ um, i'm sorry if this message will bothering or makes you uncomfortable but i'm so much in love with Noah, and i'm willing to pay for the stories but unfortunately the paid stories isn't available yet in my country. umm, i found some authors put some ads on their stories and you know they still get the benefits from it. what i'm trying to say is do you want to put some ads too on your stories? esp for Hey, Noah? so everyone in all around the world could read it, or is not that easy the way it looks? i'm just dying from waiting when will wattpad makes paid stories available in my country. i just found my type of boyfriend on Noah and you exactly know why i'm in love with your Noah. and thank you for made a character like Noah, from my experience i've never found any characters like Noah before. have a nice day!


Ah, yes. People often get confused about this--earning from ads is only possible for Wattpad Futures participants, something I'm not part of. This is the Paid Program, with more information here:
            I'm sorry it isn't available, but as time goes on, the program will expand to include more countries! I'm glad you're liking my story, and I hope it becomes available soon! ❤


Hey there! I really miss updates of With All That Grace :c when do you think you’ll be continuing? 


I'm sorry it's been so long! I've been waiting out the end of the semester to get to it, so as soon as my exams are done, I'll be updating WATG!


I’m really sad that I can’t read the chapters. I legit have no money and my parents won’t let me have money. I was really looking forward to reading this because it was so dam good. Your an amazing author❤️

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