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Until Now

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Description: Maisie had planned to dedicate this summer to going out with friends, staying single, and concentrating not only on her job at Layla's, but also her school work. Going into college was a big step to take, leaving behind family and friends to enter t...

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The Game Changer

The Game Changer

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If you flipped open that dictionary gathering dust under your bed to find the definition of a "ladies ma...

Waiting For Superman

Waiting For Superman

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Tyler Weston had always been everyone's rock. Whenever something bad in the community happened, Tyler wa...

The Perfect Moment

The Perfect Moment

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Nothing about that summer turned out the way Arielle Cadence had planned it to. Instead of getting the r...

The Great Debate

The Great Debate

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Melanie had never felt as passionate about anything as she did about the extracurricular debate program...

Here's a list of some friendly reminders I wanted to share. Feel free to comment or add your own reminders as well!
      **Also, don't forget to check out my new account! I'm continuing Until Now and Waiting for Superman on that account! It's @JulieM819. **
      1) If you like a story, vote vote vote! Voting is something a lot of people forget about, and it really means a lot to the writer.
      2) Advertising your story on other people's stories is totally not acceptable. It's okay to "advertise" in clubs dedicated to that (Share Your Story Threads) or private messages. 
      3) Dare to be different, unique, and creative. Cliches can be fun, but dare to adventure out of those limits. 
      4) Never use inappropriate slang or abbreviations. Having a character send a text that says "What u up 2?" is one thing. Inappropriately using it in your writing looks as immature as it sounds.
      5) It's okay to comment something negative on someone's story if you do it in a nice way! There's a difference between explaining you don't like it or pointing out errors than bashing it. Constructive criticism is good! Tearing others down is not!