So I write but I warn you that I'm not good at spelling or grammar. I already know all of this but if you're willing to edit or give me pointers go ahead. Other than that I am addicted to reading, writing, movie buff and binge watching netflix.

- - - - - - - My imagination will take me- - - - - - - -✈
~ ~ ~ ~Further than any plane ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~✈
- - - Every will- - - - - - - - - - - - - ✈

-Down low on my stories-
✈ Inviting the Virgin (Complete) Teen Fiction / Immature #235)
✈ Inviting the Virgin 2 (Ongoing) Teen Fiction / Immature
✈ Chemically Platonic (Ongoing) Teen Fiction / Humor / More Mature
✈ What We Had To Gain (Ongoing) Young Adult / Drama / MATURE
✈Clumsy (Coming Soon) Young Adult / Mystery


Supernatural / Attack on Titan / Soul Eater / Dragon Ball Z / Arrow / Death Note / One Piece (Zoro>Sanji) / Naruto (Kakashi) / Flash / Sherlock / Pretty little liars /Any super hero movie EVER / Dexter / Legends of Tomorrow / Criminal Minds Arron H.) / Buffy the Vampire Slayer / Grey's Anatomy

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XoDreamsXo XoDreamsXo Aug 22, 2016 11:50PM
To those of you with questions regarding ITV & ITV2: I know I've left a lot of unanswered questions you guys may have and I'm sorry for that. I really started to lose interest and inspiration for thi...
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Chemically Platonic

Social data: 3.7K reads. 239 votes. 79 comments.

Description: Juliette Harbison describes herself as mediocre and in all honesty she is nothing more than average. Does well in school but not great, plays no sports and had no club affiliations but that is exactly why Sam...


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What We Had To Gain (Cassidy Miller) HOLD

What We Had To Gain (Cassidy Miller) HOLD

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"Murder is simple, motive is complicated." Follow Cassidy, Avery and Jori's story of not how...

Inviting the Virgin: Dealing With the Aftermath

Inviting the Virgin: Dealing With the Aftermath

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After an extraordinary weekend of playing the Stella games, Eden Quinn has come out on top. She endured...

Inviting The Virgin

Inviting The Virgin

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My eye brows had risen. She'd never spoken to me before, although she'd never really been mean to me bef...


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Story Reading List

Story Reading List