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Does anyone know where I can find the complete book to buy, download, or read online?


The book is already publisged... Retitled as "fear" with sierra jaid as author. Love it.... If i didnt search for your name wouldn't have found it otherwise.. Mwuah!! Found in amazon btw....


@sheenarenae it’s still only a quarter of the book like 45 pages. I spent $3 for the book on Amazon. Did you perhaps get the full book? If so, why is mine only showing a quarter of the book? 


Have u tried amazon?


@sheenarenae it's only the first chapters! I need the whole book.


Will you ever release Learning To Love A Rogue? I asked this at your Facebook page on 5/26/17 but never got an answer.  In addition your Face book page hasn’t been updated in almost 3 years.  I also used to check your webpage to see if there were any updates and until a few days ago that site existed now it is blank.  You seem to have disappeared.  I hope you can eventually provide some update.


I hope you will come back cause im dying to read ltlar. Take care ☺️


Hi... I believe that your book is released. However, I am unable to buy it anywhere. Can u give me a link to the buying site? Especially for your book "Learning to love a rogue"