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▶︎The Walking Dead
▶︎The Fosters
▶︎My Babysitters A Vampire The Series
▶︎Gotham The Series
▶︎American Dad
▶︎The Simpsons
▶︎The Mist
▶︎Our World War
▶︎Andi Mack

▶︎Children of the Corn
▶︎A Quiet Place
▶︎The Polar Express
▶︎All Harry Potter Movies
▶︎The Boy Who Cried Werewolf
▶︎My Babysitters A Vampire
▶︎The Boy In The Striped Pajamas
▶︎The Road
▶︎Little Men
▶︎The Silence

▶︎The Maze Runner Series
▶︎The Road
▶︎Prisoner B3087
▶︎The Boy In The Striped Pajamas
▶︎The Halo Series
▶︎TWD Series
▶︎The Harry Potter Series



▶︎I am a proud Muslim American ☪︎
▶︎My favorite color is GREEN! 💚💚💚
▶︎My favorite food are tacos 🌮
▶︎My favorite subject is Math √ ÷ + − ×
▶︎My favorite beverage is Mtn. Dew ⚡️
▶︎I love Writing 📝
▶︎I love reading 📖
▶︎I am nerdy 🤓
▶︎I HATE geometry and always will 😁
▶︎My Zodiac is a Taurus ♉️
▶︎I Live in the United States 🇺🇸🗽❤️
▶︎I want to become an astronomer 🔭
▶︎I'm left handed ✏️
▶︎I am a Sapiosexual ⚥

INSTA: @toxic_green_acid

A Split Decision started 3/31/18 [FINISHED]
A Perfect Choice started 8/26/18
Governor's Son started 3/9/18
  • Fixing my past's mistakes
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I think I found a series that I'm kinda liking! It's called No Good NickIt's kinda like Jessie with the whole comedy and sitcom but I like it!
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