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The Secret Princess~ Highest Ratings:
BOOK 1::
~Teen Fiction #410 (9/14/12)
Watty Awards 2012 #545 (9/13/12)
Watty Awards 2012 #484 (3/24/13)

BOOK 2::
~Mystery #197 (11/16/12)
Adventure #329

Adventure #321 (3/26/13)

This Thing Called Love ~ Highest Ratings

~Poetry #573 (11/15/12)


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OreoBabes OreoBabes Jul 28, 2014 07:47PM
            So as Eleanor and I have not been online in over a year, I want to make the announcement that we are unhappy with TSP series and have no desire to continue it. We have yet to decide wheth...
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The Secret Princess Series - Taken

Social data: 3.5K reads. 133 votes. 37 comments.

Description: BOOK TWO OF THE SECRET PRINCESS SERIES: (If you didn't read book one then don't read or you will be VERY confused) Genevieve is kidnapped and found to be gone once she is revealed to the kingdom. She's in a st...


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The Secret Princess Series - Hidden

The Secret Princess Series - Hidden

51.5K 812 145

Genevieve is a princess that has been hidden from the world her whole life, forced to live with foster p...

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Story Reading List

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