***********Hello, Strangers. Welcome to my Page***********

A 19-year-old College Freshman, double majoring in International Relations and Writing & Rhetoric with a minor in French. Taken long hiatuses from writing. However, now that I am returning to my work, I know more of what I want to do. Hope you'll stick around for the ride!

Random knowledge about me:
☪ Virgo Sun
☪ Learning Mandarin
☪Fave Song of the Moment: Break a Sweat by Becky G
☪Motto: "I can and I will. Watch me."

Focus for July 2016:
☪ My Twisted Fairytale Reality (May undergone retitling)

Currently reading:
☪ Dream On by Kerstin Gier
☪ The Stars Never Rise by Rachel Vincent
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Jinx01 Jinx01 Nov 22, 2014 03:00AM
Hey you guys! Sorry it's been so long without any updates. The college process and keeping up my grades has diverted my attention than I would like. If you can, though, there is a way you can help. H...
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Beware of Vengeance

Social data: 697 reads. 35 votes. 14 comments.

Description: A thirst for vengeance unchecked consumes. After Victoria Sterling’s parents are killed in a fire, she is dragged into a world she never knew existed. In exchange for rescue and shelter, Victoria and Diana ha...


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Haters Make Me Famous (On Hold)

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My Twisted Fairytale Reality (On Hold)

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In My Head

In My Head

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Poetry is my way to vent how I feel and what I see. Not all of these poems express situations that I've...


Story Reading List

Story Reading List

Story Reading List