Hi guys! i am yours and you are mine is back on what's hot top 500 i hope you can help me boost it up like before! :)) I would really appreciate all the votes and comments especially on the latest chapter! It would really inspire me to write more! Thank you for all of you support! Help me guys!!! I would love to DEDICATE a chapter to my top commenter thank you again!


It won't be long before it reach the top spot :))


Hi I tried looking to see if you already answered this and couldn't find anything. You see my friend loved your "disguised as Prince Charming" story, I just wanted to find out what happened. Sorry for bothering you, but I just wanted to ask for my friend, she really wanted to know, and she wouldn't comment about.


Hi! Will You Be Mine is a good one. It did entertain me a lot. I enjoyed almost every chapter. I did like your characters. You said you're not a writer but based from your work, you are. So keep on writing!

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