My works are not meant to be a bible or guide to your life. I wrote these books from my personal experiences and values and my aim is make you understand that there is more than one way to view or behave when situations present themselves to you. Whether you agree with my writings in their entirety, partially or not at all, I hope to give you pause or make you think, or even (I hope), have a few "aha" moments. If I do then my objectives have been realised. The quotes as far as I know are entirely mine and while I am sure that I may have conceptually plagiarised a few, inspirations come through ones learning's and experiences. If I have plagiarised anyone's quotes then let me apologise in advance. Apologies made, and now let me add, that many of these quotes are "in your face" and may offend some of you. This I cannot apologise for because these are my values and apologising for one's values is tantamount to making an excuse for being alive. Something I cannot do! While there are many to whom apologies may be in order, these works, in some way, are apology enough. My family and friends, who up until now, thought that I often used "other" peoples clichés, now realise that my thoughts are genuine and unique. Just like yours! All these writings have been inspired by people who have touched my life in one form or another and they will know who they are when they read my collections. To most of them I would like to say, THANK YOU!
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Story by Brian Gillham
Willing is a Choice by BGillham
Willing is a Choice
A brief history: When I lived in Chicago in the mid-eighties an American Indian fella wearing a suede tassell...