I am a new writer, who has a procrastination problem. But fear not, I shall try my best. I have a busy life, with homework, music theater, and dance. And I have a problem with writers block. But I ALWAYS want comments and votes and fans, because thats what holds up my fragile work ethic. :) My fav colour is purple, fav food is butter chicken from our local indian resturant, fav books are fantasy/romance (not the cheesy gushy stuff). I am a proud Canadian. I am in love with the Listener, a canadian show. Also Invader Zim, BEST SHOW EVER!! I love heroines that are strong, and don't instantly accept things just cuz they come from the mouth of a cute guy. I type EVERYTHING on my iPod. I have recently discovered My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. I think everyone could learn something from that show. I watch it, and I walk away from my stress, and become a carefree little kid.
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    In my writing cave of awsome, Canada.
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    Sep 13, 2010 12:32AM
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I added Part 9. Any questions just ask me!!
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Order of the Glaring

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Description: Gina is a young 15 year-old from a classic, boring, suburban home. At least it was. Two years ago, the horrifying disappearance of her older sister destroyed the family. Now, on her own 15th B-Day, she spots a...


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