A gargantuan salutation to the geeky microcosm of the idiocy of this world that is Mr Watkins. I am the epitome of physical lethargy. I am the essence of applied brain-power. I am something of a manic-depressive; in my better moods I am quite mad, in my worse I am a bastard. I can range from being inconceivably narcissistic to inconsolably self-deprecating. I act often as agony aunt to friends, especially and usually regarding relationships, which, until recently, I had as much hands-on experience with as I do with professional cricket. Though I doubt professional cricket makes anyone feel quite as terrible. Suicidally bored, perhaps, but not that bad. I am opinionated and anal, but I mostly like to think not unbearable. I warmly accept the label 'geek'. It's what I am; big whup. Here's confirmation of that: GAT/C/CS/CC/ED/H/L/PA/S/SS/O d-- s+:+ a---- C++ U++ P+ L E W+++ N+++ o+ K w+ O++ M++ V PS++ PE- Y+ PGP t* 5 X++ R++ tv+++ b++++ DI+++ D+ G++ e h r !z+ 

I have been interested in acting since I was a repugnant nipper, so have continued that throughout my life. Hopefully this will provide a career. If not I shall sob copiously and resort to being sullen in print. Which is what I'm doing here.
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Stories by Alex Watkins
Elegy for Wilbur by AlexWatkins
Elegy for Wilbur
How I dealt with the death of the family dog I loved and grew up with since early childhood.
A Beetle in a Matchbox by AlexWatkins
A Beetle in a Matchbox
Not particularly comfortable saying exactly what this is about. But I'd be interested in people's interpretat...
Piccadilly Moment by AlexWatkins
Piccadilly Moment
Inspired to write this after an uncomfortable moment on the Underground. Think of it and 'Unity' as companion...